Monday, October 1, 2012


Miami National Bank Building

Since 2011 Stambul LLC has been involved  in the Renovation of the "Miami National Bank Building" which will be renovated  to become  "The Langford Hotel", designed to preserve  its history, providing the guest the feeling that it the hotel has been in operation since the original completion of the building.

Built in 1925 represents an example of the Commercial style of architecture in Downtown Miami, with elements of the Neo- Classical mode and characteristics of a popular architectural trend of the 1920s in South Florida

The façade of the building serves as a visual reminder of Miami’s Boom years, when architects in the recently established metropolis were seeking a design identity through the utilization of easily recognizable architectural styles. (Sara E Eaton [1])

The Hotel will include 125 rooms and one Presidential Suite, conferences rooms, a restaurant and a roof-top Bar, all designed to meet the stylish concept and the 1925’s style.

Building Description:

Miami National Bank – Historic Building listed in the National and State Registry

  • Built: 1925
  • Architects: Hampton and Ehmann.
  • Address:  121 SE 1st Street, Miami FL 33131 (
  • Original occupancy:  Office
  • Proposed occupancy :  Hotel
  • Construction type:  Type II
  • Number of Floors:  11 floors
  • Area: 62.247 Sq.Ft
  1. Remove the internal partition walls, sanitary and electrical systems .
  2. Demolishing, replacing and Restoration of the existing damaged structure (65% click for details ).
  3. Reinforcement of the existing structure with an additional Steel Structure capable of supporting the entire building.
  4. Restore services and equipment to  the entire building, adapting to existing quality standards and designed to LEED certification, in our commitment to reducing environmental impact.
  5. Remove and Replace all existing windows to Impact resistant windows, which preserve the original style.
  6. Enhance and complete fire evacuation routes  to meet the current requirements of the fire department.
  7. Renovate all exterior stucco facades removing all loose stucco, and repainting.
  8. Renovate the exterior stone facade.
  9. The original elevators will be repaired, upgraded and restored.
  10. Renovations to the lobby area remaining faithful  to the original design, restoring the existing marble floors walls, elevator doors moulding etc.
  11. Finally the construction  of 120 rooms, a Presidential Suite, conference rooms, Roof Top Bar and street level.

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