Friday, October 5, 2012


South façade

121 SE 1st Street, Miami  

Once it was designated Historical Building, the preservation of the four façades is mandatory, so all the works to upgrade, renovate or restore the building, must be respectful to the original architecture. More else must be orientated to restore the original appearance of the building.

The exterior walls of the building are clad in stucco, three of the four facades are clad with regular stucco (30,000 sq.ft) and white paint, while the main one is covered with decorative ornament that appears to be made of cast stone (8,000 sq.ft).

 The idea is get back the style to the façade, with cleaning and removing all the modifications suffered by the building through the years, the elements added after 1925 must be removed from the façade achieving the look that the original building had.

Additions to be removed

East Façade

Another issue with the façade is that the existing windows are not impact resistant, so would be necessary replace it with new ones, preserving the style from the existing and not closing any of the existent opens, faithful to the historical department request.

In the North, East and West Façades will be required to repair the spall stucco, around 25% (7,500 sq.ft), and repaint it in white, as per request of the Historical Department of the city.

The Clad Stone Façade must be cleaned, restored and attached to the new structure.  The process will include an inspection stone by stone, finding the ones that are cracked or not fixed and replace it with new ones. Finally will be applied an epoxy coating, waterproofing and bringing to life the color of the stone.

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