Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The Miami National Bank Building (121 SE 1st Street, Miami FL 33131) is an 87 years old building located downtown Miami and has been unoccupied since 2000, which means that it has been exposed to environmentally aggressive elements, such as chloride or carbon dioxide (CO2) (Cl-), that have penetrated the  concrete,  and corroded the reinforcing steel. 

Such damage has been observed  and documented in  field study performed  by local  structural engineer, where it was determined that approximately 65% of the building structure in  need of structural repairs. Most of the damage is located at the perimeter of the Building, and the Structural Slabs.

Some columns of the building must be completely replaced, as the shown in the enclosed picture.

Damages in some columns
The same condition occur with the Beams and the Slabs.

Slabs Damages

Perimeter Beams
Stambul LLC. is comitted to bring life back to this building by performing the required structural repairs to the existing structure in  a restoration project encompassing the installation of a new steel structure, the removal and replacement of approximately 22,500 sq. existing damaged concrete slabs, the restoration of the existing damaged concrete columns and beams approximately 6, 400 c.y. (rebar replacement, epoxy coatings and gunite) see proposed procedures below.

Beam Procedure

Slabs Procedure

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